What exactly is Chetaki energy?

What exactly is Chetaki energy?

What exactly is Chetaki energy?

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What is Chetaki? To whom is Chetaki to be referred? How is Chetaki created? What is the significance of Chetaki in Sadhana?

It is vital for you to understand the Chetaki energy if you are performing Das-MahaVidya Sadhana or Upavidya Shakti Sadhana.

Nobody can go straight to Goddess Devi without pleasing Chetaki in Sadhana practice.

We should have knowledge of all such topics.

Goddess Devi could not go outside without Chetaki, or perform any independent work.

The First Attendance energy of any type of Goddess Devi is Chetaki energy.  Chetaki performs a duty to protect Devi’s energy element.  Each Goddess Devi, each Mahavidya Shakti has its own Chetaki energy and each has its own specific purpose.

The universe is made up of thousands of layers and lakhs of elements.

Each Element is filled with another Element. As a result, we can never know how many Shaktis are filled in the universe. One Shakti has the ability to pull down another Shakti. Now, how are these elements protected? Due to this, Goddess Devi carries Chetaki’s energy.

Chetaki energy contains half of the Shakti that Goddess Devi gave them.

In nature, everything has its own value, purpose, and knowledge. Every tree has its own relevance. A tree’s flower, leaf, root, and root soil possess different vidyas. 

There is nothing here that deserves to be thrown away.  It’s just that nowadays study exercise and perspective have been diminished.

How is Chetaki created?

As you can imagine, any type of Mahavidya Devi’s protection would require a high level of Chetaki energy. How is Chetaki created? From here knowledge gets started. 

If you are chanting any Goddess Devi’s mantra, then you must be knowledgeable about it. 

Normally, male and female sexual relations take place in human beings, despite the fact that against Nature female-female relationships and male-male relationships do take place. Intercourse between two men is called Gay and intercourse between two women is called Lesbian. 

A desire for sex, heart’s desire, lust, sex drive, etc. Has a very strong force. They have their own place. When two women are lesbians, their souls merge into one soul, and Chetaki is born.

However, the process does not happen instantly here. Women with lesbian feelings in two lifetimes are capable of acquiring Chetaki energy in their third life. 

At the end of their third lifetime, these females go to Lalita Tripur Sundari where they become part of the Chetaki formation process. 

It is a very long and complicated subject.

Chetaki takes the first offering, which is presented to Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari, Kali, and Baghalamukhi Vidya. Devi does not accept offers until Chetaki’s hunger is satisfied. 

With the help of Chetaki shakti, some Goddess Devi restricts their own energy after a few years. 

As an example, for the safety of their own elements in Shri Vidya Sadhana Lilita’s husband, Kameshwar Shiv needs to perform restriction Vidya every three years with the help of Chetaki.

It is not an easy task to perform a Devi Sadhana or Mahavidya Sadhana. 

Gurudiksha is not only Mantra chanting. The deepest knowledge should be known.  

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