Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 8 | Word:  ” Rāga-Swaroop Pāshadhāya “

Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 8 | Word:  ” Rāga-Swaroop Pāshadhāya “

Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 8

Word:  ” Rāga-Swaroop Pāshadhāya “



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Today we will try to understand the noun of this word ” Rāga-Swaroop Pāshadhāya “ in the eighth part of Sri-Lalitha Sahasranama.


” Rāga-Swaroop Pāshadhāya “ ….. Rāga does not mean anger here. In music, we say that not only is he singing a tune, we also say it is a raga.

In the same way, the manifestation of Goddess Srilita Parmeshwari, her might, the effect of her weapons, the radiance emanating from them in which many great Mahavidyas gets luminated, they all have been given the name of Raga in a way  


It has another meaning which is that  form of raga is a Noose.

The Noose  is a weapon, which you must have seen established in the hands of the goddess. The noose  also has several variants.  Knowledge of weapons is also a part of Srividya practice.  When you do navavaran worship of the Meru SriYantra,  the weapons  of the Goddess are established on the main triangle  of SriYantra.


Sri-Lalitha has four arms in her four hands. Noose – Goad – Sugarcane bow – five flower arrows. These four weapons have different bija asksharas or seed spellings  and different mantras  by which the weapons are established.


For example, loop has Am as seeds, Goad has Krom as seed etc


” Rāga-Swaroop Pāshadhāya “ ……. is the sound or raga (voice) of the Noose weapon of the goddess.

The Noose is like a chord of rope, if someone hangs a noose around his neck, he will die. That is, death signifying the difference between the physical body and the subtle body.

There are many types of noose. It can be used to separate a bad thing, evil eye, bad influence.


We have two words in English, Attachments and Detachment. To get rid of what is bad amd bound by unquenchable lust. Now, there are so many bad things are subjects of lusts.

Now look at the sadhanas or practices  itself, many people take initiation of  SriVidya, Baglamukhi,  Mahakali, Kundalini awakening,  Mahamrityunjaya etc and are very much influenced by them. Most of them think chanting the mantra is spiritual practice, but experience  the opposite results.


Why does this happen? 

The reason is Ignorance of place of birth and the purpose of birth. The house we are born, alone this has a huge debt on use and  as the generations grow and  our earlier ancestors who failed to do some right things, then those debts carry forward  towards you. Kulachar – Kuldevi – Pitar  a person is unable to get rid of this basic debt.


Without their blessings, the seeker is thrown very far away by these greatest Mahavidyas. That is why in all ten Mahavidya sadhanas, their relevant Ganesha Sadhana is the first description in all the ritualistic practices.  According to the Sridattatreya tradition, in Srividya Sadhana too, Mahaganapathi sadhana is practiced.

In Sri-Lalitha Sahasranama , the all the knowledge has been given in  a sequence. Therefore, Sri Hayagreeva Ji gave first the knowledge of Sri-Lalitha Sahasranama to the Sage Agastya and through Sri-Lalita Trishati gave the Sadhana or practice. Even with the right knowledge, many nooses  in form of illusions  fall over.



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